The lotion is a scientifically balanced formulation using the exclusive Mini-EmulsionĀ® delivery system which brings the essential ingredients of Biotin and Triethenolamine directly into the dormant hair follicles.

APPLICATION: For optimum results, your scalp must be completely dry before applying the lotion. Penetration will not take place if the scalp is moist. Do not shower or shampoo 3 hours after applying the lotion. Part the hair in the problem areas and apply 10-15 drops per area. Pat drops gently for best penetration. DO NOT MASSAGE. The lotion must be applied every day, preferably at bedtime.

INGREDIENTS: Biotin, Glycerin, Allantoin, M&P Parabens, Tween 60, Carbopol-941, Triethanolamine USP, Distilled Water

2 Fluid Ounces ( 59.14 ml.) / bottle

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