Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any "side effects?"

Pilo-Genic is ALL NATURAL, drug and hormone free. With thousands of applications worldwide no side effects have been reported. IT IS EXTREMELY SAFE.

Where and how can I buy Pilo-Genic products?

The only source for obtaining the Pilo-Genic products is by contacting us directly online and via email. These products are not obtainable in any commercial outlet.

How do I know Pilo-Genic works?

Independent clinical trials including Radioisotope Tagging and Double Blind scientific studies confirm the success of Pilo-Genic. These positive results combined with 30 years of successful results worldwide reinforce our belief that Pilo-Genic System is the best solution to saving your hair !!

When will I get results with Pilo-Genic?

After the first few weeks of using the Mini-EmulsionĀ® shampoo and Mini-EmulsionĀ® lotion, you will notice a decrease in hair fallout. The condition of the scalp and hair will improve. Hair becomes revitalized, thicker looking, shinier, and all in all feels better.

In stimulating regrowth of once normal, and now dormant hair follicles, it often requires about 4-6 months to achieve the first visible half inch of hair growth. The initial hair is soft, thin and may not contain visible color or pigment. It will closely resemble the hair of the new-born infant.

In successful cases, 6 to 12 months of uninterrupted treatment, will ensure that you are on your way to significant new hair growth, as well a dramatic decrease in hair fallout.